Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

Sunrise or sunset are the best times for this no-shade hike

We’ve got our big trip to Iceland coming up in a couple of weeks. I had purchased a Mavic Pro drone to use for our travels, but have not really practiced flying it very much at all. In need of some exercise, and a cool place to try and take some practice drone footage, we decided to head out to Makapu’u for a short hike up to the lighthouse.

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Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail & Missile Alerts

The trail summit off in the distance

This morning I set out on to the east side for a hike up Wiliwilinui Ridge with my friend, Will. As I pulled into the parking area for the trail my phone began to buzz with an alert. As I read the message that appeared on my phone, my mind did not quite understand. I read it again. And again. Surely this must be some mistake?

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Best Plates of 2017

Each year I reflect back on the meals I’ve had and the hundreds of photos I’ve taken. As I reflect on the year’s meals I also begin to compile a listing of the best bites. 2017 was my first full year back in Hawaii and I’m very pleased that half of my list came from local restaurants. For this list the rules are simple: 1. The list cannot include dishes I’ve had from a particular restaurant/chef in previous years (otherwise a certain caviar brioche dish would most certainly be on here), and 2. While these are my 10 favorite from this year, they are listed in no particular order or rank.

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Osaka & Kyoto

Selfie taken with my iPhone gimbal on our approach to Osaka Castle

Many that know me are familiar with one of my interests: Churning. For those who are unfamiliar, “churning” refers to maximizing one’s normal spend to obtain reward points and miles. These points come predominately from credit card sign up bonuses. By maximizing these bonuses I have been able to accumulate a nice stash of points across various programs which I then use to book travel. For our first trip earned through “churning”, we visited the Kansai region of Japan! Thanks to churning we were able to enjoy over $16,000 in air fare and hotel accommodations for a little over $700 in taxes and fees. 

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A Weekend in Vegas

The view from our room up on the 41st floor of the Palazzo

Often referred to as the 9th island of Hawaii, Las Vegas is a hugely popular destination for Hawaii residents to visit. I used to love going to Las Vegas, so much so that between my 21st and 22nd birthday I traveled there five times! Unlike many of my friends I didn’t go to Vegas for the clubs and nightlife; I went for the casino. I enjoyed playing at the tables. Blackjack and craps were my staples. I was fortunate to be somewhat lucky and to this day remain “up” despite many hours spent at the tables. While I don’t visit Vegas very much these days, it’s still a fun place to go and, of course, is a great city for food. So for this past 4th of July my family and I visited the strip once more.

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Dinner @ Pai Honolulu

My wife and I seated at the bar for the soft opening of Pai Honolulu

I might be a broken record by now but I can’t but express how much the Honolulu dining scene has grown over the past few years. New and exciting restaurants, exploring new avenues of cuisine, seem to be opening at a rapid pace! Newest on the scene is the long awaited Pai Honolulu, which will grand open tonight.

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