Kaena Point (Southern Trail)

You’ll find the start of the trail at the the western end of Farrington Highway

I was born and raised here on Oahu. But, despite calling Oahu home for 25 years (after deducting those 5 years spent in MN), I have never made it out the most western point of the island. Since moving back to Honolulu last fall I’ve been slowly working in a few hikes to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. While the southern trail to Kaena point is more of a walk down a dirt road than a hike, it still affords some stunning views and the rare opportunity to encounter wildlife such as monk seals and albatross.

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Diamond Head Summit Trail

Starting on the trail early is key to avoiding the crowds

This morning we woke up early to tackle a very easy trail as part of my quest to slowly work myself back up to hiking shape. Diamond Head, one of Hawaii’s most photographed and recognizable landmarks, is one of those hikes that we as locals don’t get to very often. I’ve typically avoided visiting Diamond Head because of the crowds of tourists that flock there everyday. Despite the crowds, Diamond Head Summit Trail offers one of the easiest and fastest hikes on the island, with a great view of the ocean and Waikiki at the top.

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Haunama Bay Rock Bridge

Hanauma Bay

Before¬†moving away to Minnesota I thoroughly enjoyed hiking. What started off as a more “mission oriented” form of exercise became a hobby. I progressed from the most mild state-maintained trails to eventually hiking some of the most dangerous hikes on Oahu. Sadly, living in a state where winter lasts for a solid 4-5 months severely lowered my outdoor activity. Now that I’ve been back for a couple of months, it was high time to get started out on the trails once again, starting with the Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge.

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