Dinner @ Senia (Chef’s Tasting)

Chef Anthony Rush (left) and Chef Chris Kajioka (right)

Just three short weeks after dining at Senia to try its regular ala carte menu, I found myself back at the chef’s counter again, this time for the chef’s tasting menu. The tasting menu is limited to the counter (7 seats) and the booth behind. There’s but one seating a night at $185 per person plus tax and gratuity. Does this tasting menu live up to such exclusivity (limited seats) and the high price point? Yes. Yes it does.

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Afternoon Tea @ MW Restaurant

While I was living on the mainland, I tried to make it home to visit family as often as I could. During those trips back it became somewhat of a “tradition” that my wife and I attend afternoon tea. We have now been to the Halekulani, The Kahala Hotel, and the Moana Surfrider for tea. Unlike these establishments, MW Restaurant only offers their afternoon tea service on the 3rd Sunday of each month. During dinner the other night a fellow blogger, Thomas, mentioned MW Restaurant’s tea to us and I called the next day to book a reservation. How would this tea service stack up against others?

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Haunama Bay Rock Bridge

Hanauma Bay

Before moving away to Minnesota I thoroughly enjoyed hiking. What started off as a more “mission oriented” form of exercise became a hobby. I progressed from the most mild state-maintained trails to eventually hiking some of the most dangerous hikes on Oahu. Sadly, living in a state where winter lasts for a solid 4-5 months severely lowered my outdoor activity. Now that I’ve been back for a couple of months, it was high time to get started out on the trails once again, starting with the Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge.

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Waikalua Loko I’a Fishpond

My first service project as a newly inducted member of the Kahala Sunrise Rotary Club was helping to clean the Waikalua Loko I’a Fishpond in Kaneohe. After an early morning drive through the Ko’olaus via Likelike Highway, I arrived to a picturesque view of the mountains and the bay. Although laughable to my former neighbors in Minnesota, Oahu has been a bit chillier lately which was perfect for the day’s physical activities in the muddy fish pond.

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Dinner @ Yakiniku Yoshi

One of the best things about moving back to Hawaii has been reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. This is doubly good since many of these folks are also gastronomes who love dining out. Last night I had the good fortune to catch up with two fellow epicures. For dinner we visited Yakiniku Yoshi, an establishment I had not yet experienced, known for its wagyu beef.

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Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise

A couple of months ago I saw on Facebook that a friend of mine, Kim, was collecting donations of rice on behalf of her Rotary Club to provide to families during Thanksgiving. The club was setting up a collection table at Safeway in Hawaii Kai, which is quite literally a block away from me. It was the season for giving so I went to Costco and picked up two big bags of rice to drop off during the “rice rally.”

Fast forward to today, when I was inducted this morning as the newest member of the Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise (RoCKS). Leading up to my decision to join the club, I had visited a few of their weekly morning breakfast meetings at the beautiful Waialae Country Club. While the venue was certainly nice, more impressive were the people who make up the club. Their dedication to service, the community, and each other was apparent.

I look forward to a year of great fellowship and community service with my fellow rotarians!

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