Why I Love Meeting Over Coffee

Meeting new people isn’t about an agenda, it’s about a making a connection.

I’ve been in professional sales for ten year’s now. While that’s a drop in the bucket for many sales professionals, that number – 10 years – is significant to me; that number represents a third of my life. I can wax poetic about the virtues of this career path, but that’s for another day. Suffice it to say that I love professional business sales. One of the main reasons I enjoy it so emphatically, is it allows me to constantly meet new people.

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New Camera – Sony Alpha 7RII

The irony that this photo of my new fancy camera was taken on my iPhone is not lost on me

Since the day I had enough money to own a camera, I’ve had a Canon. It started with the small ELPH point-and-shoot, then on to a Canon PowerShot (which was the camera I used for my very first food blog). I then made the jump to a Canon Rebel DSLR, and several Canon DSLR iterations since then. Taking high quality photos of food, particularly at notable restaurants, has long been a hobby that also serves a journalistic purpose for me. So after trusting my Canon gear to chronicle thousands of photos, why the change to Sony?

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Dinner @ Fête

The kitchen at Fête as seen from our counter seats

Honolulu’s restaurant scene seems to be booming as of late. In the years I was away on the mainland it feels like the market here has caught up significantly to more modern trends. That’s a great thing for someone like me, who values variety and newness in the options I have when deciding where to dine out. I was introduced to Fête by a friend of mine over lunch a little while ago, but wanted to try a more substantial meal. I headed down with the wife on Christmas Eve to give Fête a more thorough visit.

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New Eats: Senia

The open kitchen at Senia, as viewed from the chef’s counter

Very few restaurants in Honolulu have been as hotly anticipated as Senia, and after months of delays, it finally opened its doors this week. Located right next door to another hot eatery, The Pig & the Lady, Senia is a joint collaboration between chefs Anthony Rush and Chris Kajioka. The two chefs met while working at Per Se in NYC and are now bringing their wealth of skill, experience, and training to Honolulu.

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Cancun – Toshiba President’s Club

Lounging in our reserved private pool cabana with a mango mojito like a boss

This year of work has been very good to me. First a free trip to an incredible experience at The Kentucky Derby, then a working trip to Vegas at the Bellagio for Toshiba’s biggest technology show of the year, and now a trip to President’s Club in Cancun! Judy and I have never been to Mexico together so we were excited to go, and for free no less! As a surprise I called ahead to American Airlines, unbeknownst to Judy, to upgrade our seats to first class both ways. A relatively inexpensive proposition thanks to the many miles I’ve been able to accumulate.

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The Kentucky Derby

The view of the Churchill Downs racetrack from Millionaire’s Row

Work is, well, a lot of work. But great performance can lead to great rewards. For the end of  the fiscal year, our region ran a competition among managers for new business sales. The top performing manager in the region for all of Q4 would win a trip for two to the Kentucky Derby. The famous Churchill Downs racetrack is a client of Toshiba’s, and so the company has a couple of clubhouse level boxes right next to the track. Luckily I came out on top amongst the managers in the region! Judy and I flew down to Louisville for a few days to enjoy the sights, sounds, and once-in-a-lifetime experience of the “Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.”

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